Thursday, December 8, 2011


image via ohlandmusic

Yesterday, I went to see Oh Land in concert at Brighton Music Hall. I was so happy that my friend, Anna, introduced me to this band. We had a lot of fun dancing to electronic pop. The lead singer is a Danish singer-songwriter that used to be a professional ballerina until she was injured. Words can't even describe how beautiful she is in person. She also has an amazing fashion sense. I wish I could pull off the outfits she wears.

Yay! Shitty iPhone picture! 
She was wearing this gorgeous white fringe dress with purple tights and short pink Doc Martens. Perfection.

My outfit was nothing in comparison to her's. It was a typical, rainy Boston night so I was not in the mood to look cute, haha. I wore jeans, an awesome tank top, and Converse-style sneakers. 

I'll take some time now to highlight a clothing brand that I've really grown to love: UNIF Clothing. I suggest everyone check their stuff out! You can order it online on their website but Urban Outfitters sells some pieces as well. Look out for sales there.

"Hail" tank
I bought this one at Urban. They're pretty oversized so I got mine in an XS but the S fits me too. I wore this so many times already. 

"Peace of Shit" tank
This is totally on my wishlist. I can't get enough of it. IT WILL BE MINE SOON.

"Hell is So Hot Right Now"tank
This is the one I wore to the concert! It has a bunch of holes in it too. Got it for $15 at Urban! 

Even though the UNIF tanks are pretty expensive for just simple tanks, I think they're unique and witty. Also, they use great quality fabric that's ultra soft. 

P.S. The opening band, Savoir Adore, is great!


  1. I kind of really like your blog - the whole thing, photos, overall looks, your way of perceiving the world...
    Follow each other? :))


  2. Wow, she really is beautiful! And I love the t-shirt selections- UNIF is the best for concert-ready clothing!