Friday, November 4, 2011

Introduction: Le Model

Intro: Lauren

Shirt: Theory
Pants: Citizens of Humanity
Belt: Hermes
Jewelry: Me&Ro necklace + Tiffany & Co earrings
Shoes: Nine West
Jacket: Ann Taylor


"My Go-to Outfit"
(apparently I like com"candy" boots.. cannot draw for my life).

Hi everyone! The name's Lauren, and I'm a college student and an old cat lady at heart. I've loved fashion since I was a kid. Yeah, clothes aren't everything but they make me damn happy. My style has evolved to be a little more alternative while still remaining classy and girly. My favorite designers include Sauce, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chanel,  Ella Moss, Alexander Wang, and J Brand.. the list goes on forever but I'll stop here, lolz. Other things I love include: 
music - dubstep, ska, reggae, indie rock.. I'm all over the map
science - I major in psychology!
Japanese pop culture - hell yeah, anime.
makeup - I might hoard/collect it.... maybe.

Here is a picture of my cat, Silas. (yes, he was named after the character in Weeds)
 He's about a year and a half now!

*Disclaimer: I am in NO way an actual model or anything. I can barely keep a straight face for more than a minute so expect a lot of silly pictures! This blog is for real women. I'm not a size 0 and definitely not 6 feet tall. I'm just here to have fun, be a little crazy, let you in on my experiences, and share my love for all things beautiful!

If you cant' live it up during your college years, can you ever?

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