Thursday, November 10, 2011


Shirt: Iron Maiden Tour Tee
Jeans: Rag and Bone High-Waisted Black Jeans
Jacket: Allsaints Mohan Leather Jacket
Boots: Acne Pistol Boots

Hey guys long time no see!
This coming Friday's about to be a life changer. First off, I'll be seeing Death Angel, Testament, and Anthrax all in one night (ahhh eargasm). In addition, I recently found out that I won my very first sweepstakes -- to meet the band Death Angel and receive a Jackson S32 Rhoads Guitar signed by the entire band. It's usually one of my roommates that wins ALL of the sweepstakes ever (his father even won a huge LCD TV one time), but I guess a little bit of his luck had rubbed off on me this time! Soooooo pumped for this show (if you couldn't tell already).
This is basically my "planned" outfit for the show -- god knows what I'm actually going to wear lol, probably a pair of my boyfriend's jeans and a SUPER oversized band T. 

These are probably some of my favorite pieces in my closet right now -- definitely the leather jacket, the jeans, and the boots. Maybe I should just show up in a fairy dress, for effect... and die. Any thoughts? I'll post pictures (shitty iphone pics) from the concert for sure. AND, there's Mimosa's concert tonight.
Probably going to die by Saturday.

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