Sunday, November 13, 2011


We've been lucky enough to make friends with some beautiful people, both in Boston and back home, each with his or her own unique sense of style. We'll occasionally be featuring them here to show off some of the awesome people who influence us and keep our lives exciting.

IMG_4838 IMG_4847
On Eliza:
Jacket: Vintage Leather Jacket
Dress: Express Sequin Dress
Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen Skull Scarf

Who/what is your biggest fashion inspiration? 
The world around me: my friends, people I see on the street, styles I've encountered traveling, common sense. I think fashion should be an expression of personal style and interest, not something you copy out of a magazine or from a runway because someone else says it's cool. What you wear should say something about you, even if that something is as simple as, "I think this is really pretty."

What's your favorite current trend? 
Three piece suits for men. Meow. I love clean, classic styles that can be updated while still remaining timeless. Blame it on being Southern or going to a New England boarding school.

The one item you can't live without: 
Fancy underthings.

Random fact about yourself: 
When I was little, my three dream jobs were paleontologist, fashion designer, and the girl at the grocery store who gives out samples.

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